Twin Cavern’s Smoky Club Rework of Gold Digger

Twin Caverns

Every now and then, you find yourself in a smoky haze, perhaps a bar, or maybe a concert hall, or even a foggy pier in the northern hemisphere. And suddenly a chanteuse takes the stage, or the spotlight, or the area where your gaze rests… cutting through the dimness with her voice which is at once crystal clear while remaining murky with emotion. And then you realize the song she’s singing is familiar. Wait, is that a Kanye West cover? Why yes it is. And a brilliant one.

Twin Caverns’ vocalist Louise Millar lends the song a jazzy, 1930s vibe even as the groove languidly wraps its laidback beats around your prefrontal lobes. The Sydney-based duo has a gem in its hands. The question is: can they do more than downtempo remakes of dancefloor classics? The answer: check out their Soundcloud.

The remake is currently free to download from their Soundcloud account. Grab it while it is.


Twin Caverns on Facebook.

Twin Caverns on Bandcamp.

Twin Caverns on Soundcloud.


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