DJ Salamangkero’s Live Techno Set from 2011 Will Warm Up Your Robotic Heart

DJ Salamangkero

Artist: DJ Salamangkero
Set: Live @ Time July 29 2011 part 1

Back in July 2011, a DJ named Salamangkero (AKA Noel Brackinghe), whose performer name is Filipino for “witch doctor,” recorded a live set at TIME in Manila, a club in Manila, Philippines. He began at 10 PM, warming up the room with a mixture of techno, dub, and IDM tunes. And by the end, things were more than warm.

Amidst the cold synthesized techno grooves and the white noise high-hats, Salamangkero sneaks in a little ’70s soul, and a smattering of funky house. It starts at a very mellow 110 BPM and steadily increases tempo till your resistance to shake your groove thang wears away like a new year’s resolution.

This hour-long set (1:01:00 to be exact) is only the first part in a 7-part series. Parts 2 to 7 are actually up on MIxcloud, ( but are not downloadable. And Parts 3 to 7 feature Houseboy on analog gear adding his grooves to the mix.

I need to note: Part 1 has an actual sonic “end,” and doesn’t make you feel like it got cut midway between two songs. Just something of a pet peeve of mine when downloading multi-part DJ sets.

Anyway, download it now while it’s still available for free download, it may not be for long. You just never know when Salamangkero decides to update his tunes. It certainly stands the test of time and is a head-nodder, rump-rotator, headphone treat for even the coldest souls among us.


Download the live set from Soundcloud (88 MB MP3)

Stream the entire 7 parts of the live gig on Mixcloud

DJ Salamangkero on Facebook (last updated 2012)

DJ Salamangkero on Soundcloud


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