Dorobantu & Petrescu’s Live Ambient Set

Daniel Dorobantu & Felix Petrescu - As Far As We Remember - Live @ Simultan Festival 2011

This 40-minute live peformance by Daniel Dorobantu & Felix Petrescu entitled “As Far As We Remember” was performed at the Simultan Festival 2011 — an annual celebration of video, media arts, and experimental music held in Romania.

The “set” (actually just one long and evolving track) is a flowing stream of ambient sounds such as birdsong and white noise bursts alongside extended synth drones and layer upon layer of textural sound meant to drown the listener. There are bells, ghost-like pads, very simple percussion. No beats. You only get a hint of rhythm from a bunch of metallic beads shaken on the downbeat. Volumes increase in undulating waves before fading out again. Sounds are brought in and out. Everything is shimmering, glowing, organic. This could be the soundtrack for an out-of-body experience or a remake of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

There is only one major change in the flow at about the 30:29 mark, where keyboard chords are struck and a heavily-effected vocoder begins to sing.

If you enjoy improvisational ambient or are looking for non-invasive background music for relaxing to (or even working to), then this is for you. Go on and unite with the universe.

Take a look at the video from that very performance which they’re releasing as a free audio download:


  1. Felix Petrescu releases music with his duo Makunouchi Bento, all of whose albums are freely downloadable.
  2. Daniel Dorobantu is a Romanian musican and video artist. He is on Soundcloud.



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