Netwaves’ Compilation 324: Thrifty Flakes of Grey

Cover to Netwaves 324 Thrifty Flakes of Grey

What you need to know: There is a group that produces a weekly radio broadcast, stream, podcast and a free netlabel compilation. (How they can even do this thing on a weekly basis actually blows my mind.) And it is called Netwaves.

And if you do any listening to experimental, instrumental electronic music, you need to be a subscriber to this weekly playlist of all that is good and juicy on the internets.

This week’s compilation is a collection called Netwaves 324: Thrifty Flakes of Grey, an audio response to the worldwide phenomenon of the 50 Shades of Grey movie. Guess which output has more depth? Netwaves wins hands down with a combination of post-industrial dark ambient, devilishly-seductive electro, twisted IDM cut-pastery, and all sorts of ritualistic downtempo grooves which would be better suited as soundtrack to a story about whips, chains, and fantasies than the crap that actually came with the movie.


Download the 59 minute podcast here. (106.7MB VBR MP3)

Download individual tracks from the compilation on Internet Archive.

The Netwaves blog & RSS feed.

The live broadcast is hosted by Radio Scorpio, the first independent radio in Belgium.


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