Steve Rose’s Ambient Aural Fantasy “Forest Whispers”

Cover to Steve Rose, Forest Whispers, on Fog Music 32

Artist: Steve Rose | Track: Forest Whispers | Album: Fog Music 32 | Netlabel: Aural Films [AF0096]

As you allow this music to wash over you, it conjures images of sunrises and cold winter winds, of solitude in the intensely beautiful wildernesses of the mind. Steve Rose, guitarist and composer of this 24-minute ambient track called “Forest Whispers,” sounds like he’s slowed down one of his guitar instrumentals a thousand times, adding slow-attack synth pad shimmers to sweeten the mix. The result is a long flowing track, undulating in your head, that calms you even as it holds your interest. While there are no discernible melodies, the harmonies are pleasant, the chords overwhelmingly major, which creates a positive vibe all around the slowly unfolding piece.

This is another installment of Fog Music, a project that seeks to publish an entire series of music releases inspired by foggy weather conditions. And this release is on the netlabel Aural Films, whose entire raison d’etre is to create soundtracks to films that don’t yet exist. Which is a perfect way to encapsulate this release: it’s a gloriously minimalistic cinematic soundtrack for watching the sun rise above the Golden Gate Bridge. Welcome to fog country.


Download the track from Bandcamp. (Bandcamp album page)

Download the track directly from Internet Archive (34 MB VBR MP3 direct link).

Visit the netlabel AURAL FILMS.


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