Eliethel’s Haunted Dreampop in Ding Dong

Eliethel's album: Ding Dong

Eliethel's album: Ding Dong

Once you listen to this music, you get drawn into the dream. Especially if you’re a musician. And just as in Inception, you’re never really sure whether you want to ride the kick back to reality.

Eliethel (aka Greek multi-instrumentalist Evangelina Alexaki) creates dainty, haunting pop music laced with downtempo electronica, carefully pieced together and balanced to the point of obsession. You can tell when music has been slaved over. And this collection sounds like it took upwards of half a year. Possibly more.

Her album Ding Dong is eight tracks of folktronic, keyboard-based vocal pop that showcase some unique arrangements and instrumentation (the drums and bells of the title track for example). When she sings in English, the words come out with a pretty Greek accent that adds to the entire mystery of the experience. The music is sometimes world music, other times, folksy, and sometimes even ambient.

It makes sense when you realize she’s an undergraduate in music composition in Ionio University, Greece. Hence the attention to sonic detail, and the brilliant use of arrangement and texture.

With vocals like Dido or Kate Bush, and instrumentation like Sophie B. Hawkins, Eliethel’s music is the sort you listen to at night while writing heartfelt pleas for love on your LiveJournal blog, or while finding yourself lost in a strange country where every corner holds a promise of adventure.

As of June 2011, you can download her latest album Ding Dong for free by registering with your name and email on her artist website. A truly worthwhile deal if you ask me.

Fan her on Eliethel’s Facebook page.

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