Bit Deff’s Exotic Odyssey of Tranquility

Artist: Bit Deff
Album: The Odyssey of Tranquility
Label: Quiero Recordings

Florida-based musician Kyle Piety AKA Bit Deff creates gorgeous, textured beat-driven downtempo electronica. Not exactly ambient what with the plethora of rhythms and drum tracks, but more relaxing than a night on the town that’s for sure. His brand of music is positively Balearic — combining chill grooves with world music elements — and any of these tracks would work in a Cafe Del Mar compilation — which isn’t a dis. Because I happen to love that type of chillout music. Sounds quite similar to Fila Brazilia and Jazzanova as well.

Unified by a sonic palette that stays mostly consistent throughout the 13 track album, Bit Deff brings subsonic bass, reversed synth pads, ambient found sounds, and harp(!) together in a very pleasing concoction that is peppered with percussion and big bold drum patterns.

Probably my favorite track on this one is “Exhale (featuring SquareONE)” which starts off as a blissfully slow series of synth washes and atmospheres. But when the beat kicks in halfway, and this huge groove drops, you can’t help but nod your head to the congas. It’s followed by “Interconnecting” which reminds me of early broken beat stuff, dominated by an insanely addictive rhythm and ghostly vocal samples flying out of the ether and into your mind.

This is a top shelf album that I stumbled upon by pure chance on Bandcamp while searching for “ambient electronica.” And it’s currently available at Name Your Price. Though for this quality of production, the artist should be charging a whole lot more than that. If you love chillout, and you love beats, you need to take this odyssey immediately.


Download the album from Bandcamp

Bit Deff on Soundcloud

Bit Deff on Facebook

Bit Deff on Twitter


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