What is AudioStylites?

AudioStylites is all about open source, free music on the web. We review the good stuff out there for you. Because there is so much to be had, and so few places that tell you what’s good and what’s not.

Stylites are medieval pillars where extreme hermit saints used to live and preach. AudioStylites seeks to place free music on the pillar, for review, for entertainment, for analysis, and ultimately for sharing.

Who Writes AudioStylites?

The website is curated by Lionel Valdellon, (aka Acid42), marketing copywriter and electronic musician.

How Do I Get My Stuff Reviewed?

If you have something you want me to review, email me at audiostylites[AT]gmail[DOT]com with the links. I can’t promise to review everything I get, but I will read your email. Much thanks!

Didn’t You Use to be Audiostylites.com?

Actually yes. https://audiostylites.wordpress.com is the new iteration for the former audiostylites.com (which is now sadly a piracy site for Hindi and Tamil MP3s, ah well). I moved the site here to escape the ugly ads that came with the free domain and hosting of our [dot]com.

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