Bit Deff’s Exotic Odyssey of Tranquility

Florida-based musician Kyle Piety AKA Bit Deff creates gorgeous, textured beat-driven downtempo electronica. Not exactly ambient what with the plethora of rhythms and drum tracks, but more relaxing than a night on the town that’s for sure. His brand of music is positively Balearic, and any of these tracks would work in a Cafe Del Mar compilation — which isn’t a dis. Because I happen to love that brand of chillout music.

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Netwaves’ Compilation 324: Thrifty Flakes of Grey

etwaves wins hands down with a combination of post-industrial dark ambient, doom-laden electro, and all sorts of ritualistic downtempo grooves which would be a better soundtrack to a movie about whips, chains, and fantasies than the crap that actually came with the movie.

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