Similar Objects’ Glitchy still.born(s)

Back in December of 2013, Philippine DJ/producer Similar Objects released an album of oddities called still.born(s) as a Christmas gift to the world. It contained nine “sketches,” rough ideas he’d started with and tried to massage to completion, but never actually felt like he was able to give it the shape or form it demanded. Hence the title. These are nine stillborn musical ideas that he decided would make more sense releasing as a free gift rather than forever gathering dust on his hard drive.

And what a collection. From relaxing ambient to cut-up chillwave, to ’80s synthpop, to instrumental hiphop and IDM-influenced glitch hop, Similar Objects swims through a variety of styles, all united by his taste for meaty grooves and glitchy textures.

The album is free to download.

It’s a pleasant and short listen — only 24 minutes long, approximately. And there’s more where those ideas came from. The prolific producer has so many albums up on Bandcamp, it’s crazy trying to listen to them all. Check them all out.


Download the album on Bandcamp

Similar Objects on Bandcamp

Simlar Objects on Twitter


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