Subbase vs. Egg Nebula’s Dark DNB Split Single

Subbase vs Egg Nebula - free music reviewed

Subbase and Egg Nebula are dark androids making foreboding machine music that lives up to the drum & bass classification. Listening to this split single from the Pavillon36 Recordings netlabel, I realize so much of what I previously classified as drum & bass was really more “fastpop & tinklysnares.” This stuff cleared my sinus and woke me up.

“First Shot” begins with one minute and fifty seconds of two-step, sliced through with some aggressive bass and a little ambient synthpad break before all hell — and all the high-pitched snares of the “Amen” break — breaks loose in a volley of electric sparks. The remaining three minutes is gritty, angry jungle that explodes in your ears.

“Pierced” is the more interesting of the two in my opinion, with its relentless churning of sped-up rhythms and barely a hint of melody. No Amen breaks on this one. Instead it’s coarse and rough and textured. Even when it stops, your brain believes it’s still playing. This is industrial-strength drum & bass that I imagine was inspired by black and white footage of factory workers toiling away during the industrial revolution.

Overall a great single for DNB and electronic music enthusiasts everywhere.



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