Data Rebel’s Dreamy Downtempo Abstractions

Data Rebel - Dreams for an Abstrakt Mind

Data Rebel (aka Danny Howe) is a UK-based musician whose haunting synth melodies and downtempo beats create a soothing chillout experience. Dreams for an Abstrakt Mind features eight tracks of similar material — they all exude a sophistication and smoothness that can only come from years of perfecting production efforts. Think of a winter version of Cafe del Mar, or a more adult contemporary version of spa muzak.

Some standout tracks include: “The Craken,” which boasts glacial synths and skittering high hats with a slow dark rhythm. “Avaya” has warm brass pads atop a sensual and relaxed drum pattern, the end result sounding like a cross between a Japan track (1980s artrock group) and an early Duran Duran instrumental. “Delta One” combines some IDM-ish rhythmic effects alongside more haunting, expansive synths and guitar-like plucky melodies.

Overall Data Rebel’s music is rich, lush, luxurious. Suddenly I’m not sure whether I’m describing music or chocolate. Perhaps both since they are all lovely indulgences which make life more bearable.

The release contains eight tracks in MP3 or OGG format.


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