NAPO’s grimy grooves on Megan Fxx

Napo - Megan Fxx

NAPO (aka Leonas from Lithuania) makes bass-heavy funky electronica that reminds me of UK dubstep mixed with the glitchy, screwed effects common in a lot of so-called Witch House.

On this single, you get two tracks. The opener is “Look Atchu (Megan Fxx),” which consists of a giant bass jumping about like the Incredible Hulk on a disco rampage, and some raw, gritty synths jabbing here and there, creating an atmosphere that is dank and delightful.

The second track, the shorter “Dopey” purrs into your ears before unleashing yet another humongous bass groove trapped within a portamento synth glide and some tinkling keyboard bits.

Whether the single was inspired by, or dedicated to the actress with the similar name is inconsequential, what you need to know is that this music somehow captures the essence of the characters she usually plays onscreen: filthy and fun. Well worth the download.



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