Bauhaus Cloud’s Film Music for Philistines

Bauhaus Cloud playing live

Bauhaus Cloud playing live

If there’s one thing Manila-based musician Bauhaus Cloud (aka Noel “Chox” Queja) is not, it’s boring. What he does is create soundtrack music for films that have yet to be made — taking orchestral samples and chopping them alongside jungle beats, or noodling with a piano track till it transforms into a doorbell, or slicing up a melodic sample until the micro-bits emit white noise.

It sounds like he’s overplayed his frayed copies of Goldie’s Saturnz Return and Bjork’s Vespertine till he can hear them in his sleep. Then he watches the Matrix trilogy for the 277th time to study the musical cues and see what he can sample from there.

The collection of tracks on Soundcloud entitled “So Last Year (2010 tracks)” could be called an EP, though in running time it more closely resembles a short album. Nevertheless, you get 5 tracks that are never boring, never predictable. It’s expansive, encompassing, and as one would expect from film music, dramatic.

Someone get this guy to score their film project ASAP.



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