Electronic Encounters – a New Soundtrack to Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind

The album’s name says it all: Electronic Encounters – Music inspired by Close Encounters of the Third Kind (CE3K). A group of various musicians came together and wrote music inspired by the 1977 Steven Spielberg film, most even included the 5-tone “motif” used to communicate with the aliens. What this is then is a homage and a new soundtrack — made for those who enjoyed the movie and for those yet to realize how much of a contributing factor the movie was to pop culture, specifically The X-Files and Fringe.

But what about the tracks themselves? Mostly ambient, mostly introspective shoegazing electronic meanderings, but also some almost pop-like gems. Some with beats, others with spoken word samples. All containing elements of mystery and awe necessary for an extra-terrestrial experience.

Moving from the dreamy shivering pop of Golau Glau’s “Seeing this Shape” to Neil Fellowes’ new age reworking of the alien motif in “Encounter” to the swirly ambient dub of Pye Corner Audio’s “Are We There Yet?” to the glamorous 80s-style electro of Black Cat Clap Clap’s “Manor Park 1983” to the abstract spoken word sound art of Dolly Dolly’s “Mr. Taylor’s Trousers,” the whole album is surprise after surprise of the eerie and enjoyable.

The anchor that holds the 13-song album together is atmosphere. They all have it. They all drown in it. Immerse yourself into their atmosphere as if in a good dream, and relive the excitement of seeing silvery aliens for the first time.


Stream This Release:


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