Bubamara Brass Band’s Infectious Oompah Oompah

Bubamara Brass Band igniting a Russian nightspot

Bubamara Brass Band igniting a Russian nightspot

Question: What’s stranger than a brass band recording what seems to be a square dancing album for Greek weddings? Answer: A Russian brass band who creates jazzy toe-tapping swing dance music out of Balkan folk melodies using a complete horn section, the tuba’s oompah-oompah, a jazz vocalist, and an ever-increasing tempo on some songs as to leave dancers and listeners breathless.

Listen to these two tracks “Gas-Gas” and “Jasna Dance,” which showcase everything that’s good about this EP and this group: humor, jazz, and infectious rhythm.

Their EP Bubamarija / Kashtanizma out on the always interesting Clinical Archives netlabel is a mixture of 1950s American jazz and European folk song and features four of the best tracks from previous albums Bubamarija and Kashtanizma. It’ll sound perfect as a soundtrack to a Jewish wedding, a German beer drinking party, a middle eastern belly dance routine, or simply a short break from the fatigue of work. Too bad it’s only four songs long!

It’s easy to picture the Bubamara Brass Band (led by Aleksandar Kashtanov) as hep jazz cats out of Russia who probbaly explode onstage when they play live. I mean, if this EP can get me dancing in my seat at work, then they could probably whip a live crowd into a frenzy that would put Zumba exercisers to shame.

Get this because it’s happy, energetic and exotic music that’ll pump some Russian good will into your blood.



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