Parametric Delay’s bubbly electronic visions of childhood

Parametic Delay - Love Song Before Sleep (NS035) (nk082)

Parametic Delay - Love Song Before Sleep (NS035) (nk082)

The best way to describe this release is to paraphrase something our lead vocalist once said onstage in-between songs at a live gig: “Nice place, lotsa bubbles.”

Parametric Delay’s EP on the No-Source netlabel and the Nowaki Net Label is all light beats, flittering melodic lines on wispy thin synths, and bubbles. Lots of rainbow-colored bubbles flying in random patterns everywhere. There is just a hint of the sinister in these arrangements (which draws a host of similarities with early music by Air and Plone), but as a whole, the EP is meant to encapsulate the innocence and bright-eyed optimism of children by creating modern lullabies. Even the titles of their tracks seek to exude child-like wonder: “Drizzle Ice,” “Love Song Before You Sleep.”

It’s sweet and sugary. And at 5 songs long, it’s the perfect dessert after a lifetime spent listening to the bitter, psychotic ramblings in a lot of music these days.

Listen to a sample song below: “Depict the Dream” by Parametic Delay. Track 3 on the EP.

About the Artist:

Parametic Delay is two-person electronic group from Malang, East Java (Indonesia) who make music using Ableton Live, Casio mini keyboards, noise boxes and funny toys.



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