Cerumentric Takes on Reality Wielding a Sword of PunkSynthPop

Cerumentric rocking out live

Cerumentric rocking out live

Reality Rock is a 2009 album from Manila-based singer-producer Erick Antonio Fabian Sr. aka Cerumentric. Forget the scientific sounding name, his music is all about putting punk back into synth music.

In “An Analogue Embrace,” Cerumentric sings: “I’m still young but I feel old/ I feel warm but the world is cold….It stings to not belong/ I won’t be staying long” while behind him, percolating in the background is a straight-up joyful child-like synthpop tune that could’ve easily been a hidden track on Depeche Mode’s Speak And Spell album.

Cerumentric never sings too loud, opting to bury his vocals behind a wall of bouncing square wave synths just like Bernard Sumner used to do in early New Order tracks. Possibly because he knows vocals are not his strongest asset, nevertheless, they serve the purpose of carrying his message out.

Wielding electropop that is half early Depeche Mode and half Erasure, Cerumentric uses music as his vehicle of expression and outrage that he was born 20 years too late to be a popstar in the ’80s. Ironically, he uses synthpop to be punk. Because littered all over the album are angsty expressions of rage and isolation, peppered by loud, distorted keyboard melodies and dizzying delay effects. Punk music with a casiotone and a PC. Gotta love it!

Listen to it here:



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