Blusmoke’s Lo-fi Soundtracks for Life

Blusmoke at work in his home studio

Blusmoke at work in his home studio

Blusmoke (aka Ryan Itchon) is a guitarist and electronic music producer from Paranaque City, Philippines who uses a combination of hardware synth boxes and software to make music.

His electronic music is all over the map in terms of genre — jumping from soothing Ibiza-inspired downtempo peppered with classical guitar melodies (The Red Jacket, Of Roses and Synthetic Dreams) to frenetic video game music (Rapid Induction) and outright trance complete with endless 16th note snare drum rolls and soaring synthlines (Sunrise, Maiden Flight, A Tribute to the Noble Knights of the Temple, The Contrast of White on White).

The unifying element in all nine tunes he offers for free download on his Facebook page is the idea of the soundtrack. His music has the ability to seamlessly melt into the background, refusing to jar your consciousness from whatever it may be doing, and instead, creating an underlying bed of emotion on which to experience your current activity.

I’m not sure if my ears are fooling me or if some of the tracks are really encoded at a low fidelity bitrate, but nevertheless, the overall output carries the same emotional weight. This is electronic music that feeds the heart while allowing you to experience life.

Blusmoke’s Facebook page­blusmoke contains nine downloadable or streamable tracks.

Soundclick page:


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