RoomDark & Aortha’s minimal ambient mind massage

[HAZE130] RoomDark, Aortha – Tree

It starts with RoomDark’s “SeeTree” — where a machine is caught snoring like a cyborg dragon in REM-stage sleep. The tune steadily evolves into a chaotic web of sticky, metallic filaments of sound. By the middle of the 10-minute long opening track, sustained single synth notes punctuate the textured noise and bring the tune into an organic bliss.

In comparison, RoomDark’s next track “EarthTree” is more rhythmic, more percussive, but more boring. While still minimal, it actually gets tiring with its repetitive motif and drums. No change makes a track dull.

Aortha’s 14-minute “Cholotrope” takes something that sounds like wind blown into a microphone and morphs that into a rhythmic collage of feedback and breathy machinegun stutters, before a ping-ponging synth bounces into the foreground and a basic drum pattern begins a tribal dance in your mind. Too bad it ends so abruptly.

Sadly, Aortha’s next track “A One” is a menacing, heavy beast, all belching and bleeping, and not much else.

These two Belarus-based producers RoomDark and Aortha manipulate their field recordings and turn them into intricate organisms of sound. And because of the beauty of tracks 1 and 2, this EP is a keeper. It’s a relaxing foray into minimal ambient and field sound that doesn’t hurt the ears, but rather massages the mind.


Catalog number: #130
Artists: RoomDark, Aortha
Album: Tree
Country: Belarus
Genre: Minimal, Ambient, Field Recordings


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