Capac’s downtempo shoegazing live electronics

Capac is Gary Salomon, Stu Cook and Joshua Davenport — a three-person live electronica act based in Liverpool, England. Formerly known as the group A Cup Of Tea,  they concoct their sound from primarily organic sources – using these as starting points for their unique blend of progressive live electronica. And they raise the “live” banner  high, in opposition to acts who press play and dance onstage.

Their free 2 track sampler EP available on their bandcamp website showcases how they put together expansive instrumental pieces using a minimal sonic palette, but are able to tweak effects and note parameters for variation. “Imagine This Was All Purple” is a downtempo track which flows from a clean sterile beat to all-out fuzzy white noise chaos by the 4-minute mark. “Palindrome” is the equivalent of a high-flying guitar solo, complete with wall-to-wall delay and reverb effects, except using keyboards and very live-sounding drum patterns.  Shoegazing electronica? Minimal live downtempo? Whatever pigeonhole you want to tag their music as, Capac will make your ears happy.

Their full EP is due in early 2010 on Ontheshelf Records.


Download their 2-track EP sampler via their bandcamp site.
Capac on MySpace.


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