Allison Weiss’ lovelorn yet buoyant acoustic live album

Photo by Zlatko Unger on Flickr.

Allison Weiss Photo by Zlatko Unger on Flickr.

Artist: Allison Weiss  | Album: Live at Sidewalk, NYC

A cross between the witty prose of Suzanne Vega and the young poppy angst of Avril Lavigne, Weiss is shiny and buoyant, even in her lovelorn pain. You can tell she’s thoroughly enjoying herself onstage, performing her music and conversing with her audience intimately. She performs the entire set on acoustic guitar, making this sound more like a jam session on your back porch after dinner than an actual album. But that’s the appeal of Weiss’ music and the personality that shows from her spiels in-between songs. Her pop is the approachable kind, like that of a talented friend’s, or a beatnik cousin’s — the person you can count on to break out her original songs around a campfire. Favorite tracks include the jump-up-and-dance album opener “I’m Ready,” the Suzanne Vega-ish “July 25, 2007,” the bittersweet end-of-relationship “I Had to Do It,” the angry “Yer Goin’ Down,” and the cover version of Rihanna’s “Umbrella.”

She knows her guitar well, and plays it with enough variety to keep it interesting. Can’t wait for her to finish her studio album. Interestingly enough, this Athens, Georgia-based artist raised a bunch of money via Kickstarter in order to record her album. Her initial goal was $2,000 but by the end of the campaign, she got more than 7k pledged.  In gratitude, she performed a marathon live-streaming concert of her singing all 50 of her songs on one afternoon, and she’s releasing it as a gift to all her donors. Talent + skill + indie marketing savvy = an artist living out her dreams.  More power to her, we say. 

12 MP3s encoded at 128 kbps, 44.1 kHz stereo. Total run time of 44 minutes. 

Download page for Allison Weiss’ live album (one zip file around 41 MB) 

Artist website.


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