The Wave Pictures’ lament on the fate of the artist

The Wave Pictures- Puncture My Pride

Artist: The Wave Pictures.     Album: Puncture my Pride

The Wave Pictures sounds like they belong on the film soundtrack to High Fidelity. They have that anachronistic tenderness that was last seen in late ’60s folk songs or ’80s UK new romantic bands like The Smiths, New Order, and The Waterboys. The proof? They mix strummed acoustic guitars, fiddles, pop saxophones, Beatles-esque backup vocals and melodies that borrow from folk songs.  In “Now You Are Pregnant,” singer David Tattersall lilts like Morissey, while “Holding Hands” rocks out in full psychedelic, post-punk mode. The topics that Tattersall writes about include: love (of course), the angst of being a writer, scultpture and marmalade, alienation, isolation, and forgetting about all the pain in alcohol and cigarettes. And he uses repetition to drive the point home, as well as sometimes awkward and dramatic pauses in the middle of his tunes.

Some the lyrics border on the inane, but with the band rawk-ing out underneath, it doesn’t matter. You get carried along in the wave of their testosterone-laden, alcohol-tinged whining. Puncture My Pride is then a lament on the hubris of the modern day world that relegates the artist to the pub, written in the key of folk. 



12 MP3s encoded in 192 kbps, 44.1 kHz stereo. All files: 65 MB. Total runtime: 47:09  

EP released for free exclusively on the Team Love Library. (Requires a signup.)

Artist website:


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