Sean Fournier’s fresh sparkly pop in “Oh My”

Artist: Sean Fournier
Album: Oh My

What makes pop Pop? Maybe a little acoustic guitar and some Paul Simon-like vocals over a bubbly beat. Maybe some Ben Folds-y vocals backed by acoustic piano melodic lines and broad strings. Maybe love songs with sentimental similes (“If your love was a broken stereo, well I’d be music to your ears.”) Maybe it’s a bunch of ethnic dance loops and some vocoded, auto-tuned vocals.

[cover] Sean Fournier - Oh My

Sean Fournier - Oh My (album cover)

However you define it, Sean Fournier should be classified under the pop banner. And this 6-song album “Oh My”  (his 4th) should be an interesting and fresh addition to the pop idols you already have hiding  in your mp3 library. His lyrics are poetic without being cheesy and his music brings you places instead of hammering you into a pulp with the same blocks of overused cliches. Favorites include the ethnic percussion and drama of “Holding the Hand of the Hurricane” and the upbeat sunshine of “Broken Stereo.”

To top it all off, because the album is released under Creative Commons, he’s giving everyone a chance to do cover versions of his songs which he’s releasing as its own album “Oh Brother.”  See his cover version project page for more details.


6 MP3s at VBR 44.1 kHz stereo.

DOWNLOAD all tracks in one zip file (Size: 26 MB) from Jamendo

Artist website:


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