Pinionist’s “Machinations” is Electro-Industrial Beauty

Search Twitter for “Free+ Album” and you will uncover a host of goodies that only come to those seeking for the “magnificent random.” One such example is Pinionist’s 3rd album “Machinations” (released July 2009) which is available for free on his own website, and which, on first listen, led me to exclaim: “Holy hell!!!!! I never expected anyone doing industrial stuff this well to release it for free!”

“Machinations” is 12 tracks (a glorious 46 minutes and 19 seconds) of some of the heaviest electro-industrial rock I’ve heard this side of Nine Inch Nails and 1990s-era Ministry. For the most part, the tracks flow seamlessly into one another creating an immense texture of heavy noise.

Tracks like the album opener aptly entitled “Torture” bring menace back into the industrial mix, pitting groaning drums with guitar distortion that fills you with that warm fuzzy feeling called fear. Track 4 “Social Abortion” even mixes in a little pop bounciness into the mix along with ten-foot walls of noise. “Escalation” starts out with a plucked guitar ballad but apropos of the title, quickly leaps into headbanging mode by the one-minute mark. Title track “Machinations” melts from a post-punk rhythmic piledriver into a slower grind.  “This Means Nothing to Me” is a nightmare lullaby with an anthemic mantra for this humanistic society we live in.

The album is a brilliant noise in the bland silence of our world of plastic pop idols. Pinionist (AKA Stuart Spoard) is vocalist, composer, arranger, and a genius at his art.  Download it now.

12 MP3s at 320 kbps stereo 44.1 kHz.

Download all files in one zip file: Machinations

Pinionist’s website.


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