The Perfect Summer Soundtrack: Juanitos’ surf guitar rock from France!

Artist: Juanitos
Album: Best Of
License:  Creative Commons.
Released on Jamendo

The problem with so much free music on the web is:  it’s like playing the lottery. Most times you’re gambling and losing on any given download. But then there are days like today — when a cynical old music downloader like myself feels like he hit the jackpot!

What elicited such a reaction? The Juanitos’ Best Of album which collects 11 of the most upbeat surf guitar rock music I’ve EVER heard. And it’s made by a group that (supposedly) operates out of the French Alps. Say what? Of course, I can’t be perfectly sure because the liner notes on their Jamendo download page are all in French.  And I’m too thrilled by the music to bother Googling them. Let the music speak for itself.

The album is the motherlode of all the summer tunes you’ll ever need this year. You’ve got Spanish lyrics, English phrases, pure ’60s surf guitar kinda like Smash Mouth as played by the Ventures, surf rock mariachi as pieced together by the Los Criminales Mariachi Band of East L.A. (I made that up), rockified bossa nova by Santana’s mutant half-brother, and even oriental(?) reggae!  Juanitos music is a load of energy, humor and good vibes. Combine that with a beach towel and you’ve got summer all bottled up in your iPod. Download your vacation here.

11 MP3s encoded at 192 kbps.
Total album zip file is 45 MB in size.
Total running time: 33:14

Download page on Jamendo:

Juanitos official website (as far as I can tell):

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