Delicious chiptune non-sequiturs in starPause’s AKID EP

Artist:  starPause
Release:  AKID EP [8bp097]

From mellow synths to crazy, disjointed robot voices, the AKID EP is 4 tracks of frenzied, 8-bit non-sequitur music.  It’s a release unified by its total disunity. For example, the finale track “Mother Bones” is 8 minutes of bouncy, bopping abstract pulsating with little melody or harmony, just a whole lot of synthetic texture and TB-909 drums that suddenly climaxes in noisy electronic madness before fading out into a lullaby for a dead CPU. This is the stuff techno was made of, once upon a time. Throughout AKID, bass lines don’t exactly match other filtered synth elements, and lopsided percussions hobble along everywhere like hunchbacks named Igor. Single piano notes come in no particular order, and even the song titles (i.e. emjayakle, mkr huf bst) make no sense. Still, there are grooves that propel starPause‘s abstract tracks on this EP — making the entire collection less like an insane Jackson Pollock painting and closer to a rhythmic Piet Mondrian work.

In summary:  4 delicious and caffeinated audio products from Jordan Gray aka starPause — Sr.Interface Engineer by day, chiptune mad scientist by night.

4 MP3s at 192 kbps encoding
29 MB total size, 20:55 total running time

Download Page on 8BitPeoples:
starPause on MySpace:


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