The wandering live jam of Boiar’s “Ano Nono”

Artist: Boiar
Release: Ano Nono (New Year’s Eve Live)
Netlabel: Just Not Normal. JNN033

This is a 47-minute electronic improv jam by a group of 4 men from Brazil (?) who twiddle on guitar, bass, and synths to create an abstract, thinly-held-together sonic product.

We hear static, white noise, droning synth pads, effects, and guitar noodling in various flavors. How does one review something as abstract as this? If it’s based on tonal textures, you don’t get varying textures as much as varying notes. If it’s based on structure and melody, then you don’t have anything holding it together at all since there are no motifs or themes. If it’s based simply on mood and emotional effect, then this is a perplexing sound product which is random and all over the place. But then again, you have to remember it’s a live performance streamed over the net on New Year’s Eve… and we all know what crazy hijinks ensue on that evening. in fact, the last minute of the jam involves a whole lot of buzzing. Which could be symbolic. Or not.

Still, it’s interesting enough for one listen-through but after that, all but the most diehard of electronica improvisationalists can move on to the next thing.


Download the mp3 of the live performance from Just Not Normal netlabel as one mp3 file.
[Details: one mp3 at 320kbs. Runtime: 47:30. 108 MB]

Release page on Just Not Normal netlabel.

Boiar artist website.

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