Socket Science’s perfectly formulated electropop in Pulver Stunts

Artist: Socket Science
Album: Pulver Stunts
Netlabel: Astor Bell

The trick to electro pop is letting your machines sing for you. It’s not techno which is all one massive groove. It’s not minimal house which is a groove with the least number of intruments. Rather, it is utilizing the patterns of a pop song, and letting the synthesizers sing your melodic lines in place of some gaunt warbly dude with painted nails who will concoct witticisms about suicide and leprosy and then hog all the girls after the show.

Socket Science’s debut album Pulver Stunts[ASTOR002] is sweet electro pop peppered with IDM and ethnic instruments (bells, flutes, percussion) and which veers into minimal house every now and then. But on tracks like the epic “Honduration” and the bouncy “Bits & Breezes,” you get the precise formulation of groovy beats and melodic flight that make for blissful electro pop. It’s so good, you don’t want those two tracks to end.

I have a feeling Socket Science (aka Don Simon, co-manager of netlabel Astor Bell) is using his software (sounds like Propellerheads Reason to me) in order to resurrect the Orb, Orbital, (early) BT, and 808State for the 21st century’s ignorant ears. Hearken, O listener.

6 MP3s encoded at 320 kbps bitrate, 44.1 kHz stereo.
Total running time: 29 minutes.


Download the entire EP in one zip file from the Astor Bell netlabel release page.


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