Moaner Lisa’s industrial guitarmonica in “Bac-Up!”

Roots. We all go back to them sooner or later. California-based electronica producer LightSleep3r returns to his own rock roots with his Moaner Lisa side project. His debut single as Moaner Lisa is “Bac-Up!” released on the fledgling StickySweetSounds (SSS) Records. It is three versions of a single industrial tune.

Track one incorporates a rollicking rock instrumental before launching into the main song, Bac-Up, which is a simple, no-frills industrial rock track, reminiscent of early God Lives Underwater and Filter. The main guitar/bass riff rumbles along atop a drum track that shows little variation — but you gotta love the distorted harmonica solo. Track two fits the song with an ’80s new wave arrangement (an alternate version arranged and performed in the style of his first band in the late 1980s, Colloidal Mixtures). Is that The Fixx, I hear in there? I think so too. And then track three returns to the original tune except with some dirty vinyl and distorted vocal effects. All in all, a catchy tune, done with perfectly snarly vocals and made better with distorted harmonica.

When he sings “it’s good to be back,” before proceeding to “dance like hell,” I must wholeheartedly agree.


Download the entire single on one zip file.

Moaner Lisa’s MySpace page.

SSS Records netlabel home page. SSS Records on MySpace.


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