Swirly Retro Rock Goodies in “Your Psych Tunes Vol. 3”

First off, when you have an album entitled Your Psych Tunes vol.3 – The Earth Above the Sky Below, then you know it’s gonna be a doozy. Second off, if it’s freely downloadable, then you know you MUST have it. The question now is: do you like what you get?

I literally stumbled into this release via their MySpace page. Which kinda irritates me because I have serious beef with the messy glittergraphicky shoutout chaos puddle that is MySpace. And yet, all the best indie bands and artists flock there to utilize the sheer magnitude of its network. Anyway, the My Psychedelic Tunes page hosts 5 full compilation albums of artists with similar tastes and production values.

Whatever your personal definition of “psychedelic music” is, it’s all here in volume 3 which is chock-full of low-fidelity, jangly, swirly guitars and ’60s to ’70s acid rock riffs. It’s a compilation of vintage (anachronistic even) tunes which remind one simultaneously of Woodstock hippie craziness, Grateful Dead jamminess, and the tongue-in-cheekiness of the Kill Bill soundtrack. What this all simply means is: this is music to grow your hair to, to paint your face to, to hang out with.

Standout tracks include:

  • the lazy, bluesy, slackerific “The Routine” by The Rocking Horse People
  • the jangly, acoustic guitar goodness of “Ride” by Absolute Zero

All in all, a joyful celebration of psychedelic rock and swirly folk music, powered by a love for all things retro. Download one of their compilations for an assured hour of good vibes. Make love not war, man.

Direct link to the ZIP file download of Volumes 1-3 hosted on Internet Archive. [around 234 MB]

The Internet Archive page for Volumes 1-3: http://archive.org/details/YourPsychedelicTunesVol.1-3

Your Psych Tunes’ MySpace Page.


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