6884’s sophisticated banging house on “Here Maybe”

What we have here, my friends and free music lovers, is a surprise. I’d almost given up on house music. And now this release has me wanting to go back and dig out old MP3s from my old, wheezing hard drive. 

The release is by the enigmatically-named Italian dance producer: 6884. And his EP is entitled “Here, Maybe.” What this is is six tracks of brilliant, minimalist tech-house, designed to bring dancefloors to a climax, and mastered with precision by Silver Sound, Hamburg, with a cover sleeve design by NYC design professor Jan Uretsky

The best track for me is “Astonished” with its syncopated bass and percussions, slowly expanding into a broad, melodic arena before compressing back into its minimalist structure.

No vocals, no beats out of place, no surprises, no jarring effects, no cheesy drum rolls (as one commenter says), just straightforward four-beats-to-the-measure dance music for those times when you want a rave inthe privacy of  your head and can’t find enough caffeine to do the job for you. 


Download whole EP with covers here. [104 MB]

Release page on FOEM blog (a netlabel aggregator) .


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