Lady Lynch’s haunting indie rock is a joyful division

Track 1 “New Plans For New Days” begins with two guitars doing single note riffs, a muted drumset, and a singsong spokenword (and then rawking out) vocalist reminiscent of PJ Harvey. Lady Lynch is simple and direct-to-the-point indie rock without bells and whistles. Although the editing of the track does leave much to be desired. The MP3 has a 2-second dropout somewhere in the 3:36 region and a residue from an earlier edit at the end of the file.

Track 2 “Hey It’s Me Again” has more singing than screaming, more guitar strumming and more of a riff, even cute silent breaks. “Gory Ride” is the standout track for me, going from a slow depressing shuffle complete with monotonous Joy Division-like vocals all the way to a bouncy pop-py track, yet still talking about the most gruesome topics around. Bizarre and yet you can’t forward to the next track.

This is the second EP from this 4-piece band from Austria and is a showcase of simple guitar riffs combined with haunting vocals and lyrics. Sometimes the songs fill you with creamy goodness, and sometimes the songs just end abruptly leaving you hanging, wanting more.


All files on one zip file. (20 MB)

Release page on Collective Family website.


Lady Lynch on MySpace.

Lady Lynch official website.


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