Computer Truck’s riotous toy party dance music for daft punks

Combine a lifetime of playing Family Nintendo and an innate talent for concocting thick electro beats and you get Computer Truck’s first release on the netlabel Da! Heard-it Records (DHR) entitled “Rock The Boulevard, Reach The Bourgeois.”

Released way back in September 2006, the 1-hour long album is 16 full tracks of nonstop enjoyment that goes from Daft Punk-y breakdance anthems to tunes that sound like 808 State (does anyone still remember them?) and The Orb, mixed with a palette of 8-bit sounds and a knowledge of hip hop. His vocal edits are crazy, quick-cutting from syllable to syllable. His tunes are monstrous, chunky, but always danceable — even if you have to twitch like a zombie to do it. This is lovely upbeat electronic chaos, everything melodic. No artsy-fartsy texturing, just wonderfully utilitarian dance music. Solid work from a french genius composer who describes his music as “riot toy party music.”

Also, if you’re in San Francisco this week, Computer Truck is playing live with StarPause at SpaceGallery on Thursday January 15th. Details of the gig here, here and here.

FILE DETAILS: 16 MP3s encoded as 256 VBR kbps, 44.1 kHz stereo.

Download album in one zip file (67 MB).

Album page on netlabel Da!Heard-it Records.

Artist writeup on netlabel page.


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