Joe Frawley’s mystery in “Ritual Research”

Mystery is sublime. It won’t hit you in the face but will rather sneak up on you while working at the cubicle and make you exclaim in surprise at the depth of the universe gaping at you from out of your headphones. Joe Frawley’s “Ritual Research” is such a release. The composer and musician makes an audio quilt from his piano, various vocal and music samples, repeating pizzicato string motifs, and lots of effects (primarily reverb and delay). The tracks are both ambient and textural sound art. Even in its abstraction, there is some form of melody. Even in its lack of direction, there is a point that the artist is giving us.

Taken in its entirety, Ritual Research is a unified release that must be listened to as one unit, because it is made up of the same elements and adds up to only one message anyway: that there are worlds beyond your reach, often attainable only through art. This is one research output that has definitely produced noteworthy results.

6 MP3s encoded at 320 kbps 44.1 kHz stereo.

Download details:
Download all files in one zip. (53 MB)
Download page on netlabel Clinical Archives.

Joe Frawley’s bio on his Artist Page.


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