Steve James’ primal scream in “Angry, Ugly and Alone”

Steve James is angry and in pain, dealing with death by creating 2 songs. In “Leaving This World,” the Pennsylvania musician begins with a wedding prayer (an old 78RPM record found in a thrift store), and segues into slide guitar blues with distorted, shouted and almost unrecognizable vocals. Then in “Angry, Ugly and Alone” he quietly sings he wants to die as he mourns the passing of his grandfather, and the lack of a purpose in life. The slow blues guitar shuffle is perfectly sad, perfectly angsty. Since this isn’t American Idol, we can forget about “pitchy” problems and simply accept an impassioned artistic expression as it is. Heartfelt and honest.

2 MP3s encoded at 192 kbps.

Download Details:
Download the full album in one zip file. (8 MB)
The single’s release page on the Collective Family.

Artist Details:
Steve James on Myspace.


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