Michael Lambright’s solo accordion “Allumwandlung”

Michael Lambright, a musician from Baltimore, MD, USA, uses just one instrument: the accordion. The beauty of the accordion is its capability to go from full-throated crescendos to whispering pianissimos. The solo instrumentals on this release sound rich and varied. Lambright goes from the mournful free-flowing “Zahorecz” (dedicated to Peter Zahorecz) to the circus music of “Poirot,” then turns around and gives us the mournful Yiddish melodies of “Y’vonim.” My only real complaint here: an over-abundance of drawn-out drones throughout the album, which quickly bores or at the very least lengthens some songs unnecessarily. But then again, this could be my ignorance about accordion music. In other news: Lambright leads a gypsy quartet named Madagascar and also contributes to a folk group called The Big Huge.

Allumwandlung is free to download and share under a Creative Commons license. You can also purchase Allumwandlung as a CDR with homemade packaging for $7 (USA) or $10 (everywhere else) from Lambright’s website.

Download Details:
Download all tracks in one zip file [from Jamendo]. Size: 41 MB
Album’s release page on Bandcamp.

Artist Details::
Artist’s official website.
Michael Lambright’s Myspace page.


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