Lawyer’s fast and furious ragga in “1979”

The beauty of ragga/jungle is in its fast, furious beats and rowdy, macho vocals. Here’s one that will not disappoint fans of pitter-pattering jungle (drum ‘n’ bass). Lawyer‘s latest EP entitled simply “1979” is a 4-song opus that pits whip-cracking snare drums to ragga vocals that burst at the seams with attitude. Gotta love his vocal style, peppered with rum-pum-pums and manically-edited vocals. Three of the EP’s tracks are remixes, with only Track 3 “1979” as the original tune. For the life of me, I can’t make out a lot of the lyrics, (apart from Track 2 “Champion Remix”) but that’s more a lack of exposure to ragga than anything else. Lawyer (real name: Vladislav Smirnof) is a Ukrainian jungle DJ who remains active in his native city. This entire release is a fun, frenetic collection that will get your pulse up, and your feet tapping at the very least.

Track Details:
4 MP3s at 256 kbps stereo.

Download Details:
Download all files on a single zip file. (23 MB)
Release page on the RUS ZUD netlabel.
RUS ZUD netlabel website.


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