Tinyfolk’s tender, tiny moments on a ukelele

Four songs is all it takes for folk musician Tinyfolk to transport you straight from wherever you are to a warm summer night in a back porch in rural Indiana replete with cricketchirps, where he records 3 of the 4 songs on this EP. (The fourth “Lunches” was recorded in his coat room due to rainy weather.) All he uses is a baritone ukelele, a minimum of chord changes, and his thin, melodic voice to craft folk music that is fragile and sad — perfect for early evenings or melancholic train rides. “The things we cherish are small indeed” is an EP about small things, small moments, and the beauty in the ordinary moments of everyday. Highly recommended!

Track Talk
Track 1 “Arbitrary Wist” contains several lyrical pauses that bring heartbreak up from beneath the surface. Track 2 “Dearest Foal” is a cute ditty giving fatherly advice to an offspring. Track 3 “Housemartin” tracks the adventures of a bird that’s made its way into a man’s house. Which could be a metaphor for something else. But then again, maybe not. Track 4 “Lunches” is probably the most fleshed-out song (as well as the longest) which is a hopeful love song about sharing lunches.

4 MP3s (encoded at 320 kbps , 44.1 kHz, stereo) and artwork (.jpg)

Release page on the Collective Family website.

Download all MP3 files in one zip file (18 MB).


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