Ater’s apocalyptic The Last Day Again

With The Last Day Again, independent Antarctica-based(?) musician Ater generates a vast atmosphere that grows organically, from a twinkling, busy forest (Track 1 “Foggy Lane On December”) to silent valleys mottled with snippets of radio broadcasts (Track 2 “A Day Will Come”) to the foghorns of ghost ships and actual field recordings of black holes in space (Track 3 “Visions of Black Holes”). This is ambient music that fuses seamlessly from one track to the next, incorporating mystery, and a hint of sinister anticipation into every panning sound effect and every sustained drone. The woods are lovely, dark and deep in Ater’s sonic world, and despite whatever apocalyptic hints the title of his release contains, this one will lull you into a zone of relaxed waiting.

6 MP3s in 320 kbps, 44.1 kHz, Stereo. Total runtime: 31:37

Download the entire release including artwork as a zipfile (73 MB).

Release page on Just Not Normal netlabel.


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