Love in Athens: We’re Always Just About To Leave (EP)

Love In Athens is the solo instrumental project of Philippine musician Francis Maria (of the band Caitlyn Bailey) who offers in this EP, three easy listening electro-acoustic tunes that would make a perfect soundtrack to some indie film about teen angst and daydreaming. The MIDI programming is simple and to-the-point, the layering of melodies using mostly keyboards and pads is more complicated — juxtaposing rhythms that are often contradictory to one another, and the mastering of all three tracks could use some work as some portions are clipping. But overall, this EP carries an honest emotion rarely found in other keyboard-heavy work. Too bad it only lasts 11 minutes all in all, and is encoded at a low-res 128 kbps.

As the title suggests, nothing lasts for very long before farewells. Not even emotionally riveting instrumental EPs.

Track Details:
3 MP3s encoded at 128 kbps, 44.1 kHz stereo.

Download Link:
Via Mediafire download page.

Release page on the Puro Ka Indie Collective website.


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