Jon Protas’ blues implosion: Goddess

When Jon Protas sings “I don’t believe in virgins or whores… I don’t believe in opposite shores, I don’t believe in nothing,” he taps into the current vein of unbelief and “whatever-ness” prevalent in modern society. But he does it with so much aplomb and pizzazz — complete with a rickety rhythm section built of a single unforgettable groove, distorted vocals and overdriven guitars. This 3-minute 14-second tune is a single that would put Jon Spencer Blues Explosion to shame. Download it before it becomes the theme song of a Hollywood movie.

Release Page:
Released on the wonderful CLLCT community. Join it now to download a lot of good stuff.

This release is protected under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial No Derivatives (by-nc-nd) 3.0 License.


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