Humeka’s crispy techno: Densite Materielle

French musician and remixer Humeka doesn’t just do normal techno or house or ambient, he does them crispy-fried with batter. In this release via the Yuki Yaki netlabel, you’ll find sharp metallic sounds and fat, squelches that transform what should be antiseptic machine rhythms into grimy, funky tunes that live and breathe. There are six original tracks and four remixes of those tracks, all of them unique carousel rides into electronic genres we all know so well, but never like this. There are bits of clashing harmony, snippets of vocals, and crunchy beats. Minimal on the decoration, but maximal on the groove and total running time (1 hour, 8 minutes, 42 seconds). Gotta love the song titles as well (Elephant Haunting Season, Maison Beat Vodka)!

Note: If you download the zip file containing all tracks, there is a text file in it which will give you the URL of a secret (hidden) 12th track in the release. How’s that for an easter egg?

Track Details:

12 MP3s encoded at 256 kbps, 44.1 kHz stereo.

Download details:

All mp3s on one zip file.

Release page on the Yuki Yaki Netlabel.


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