4AD Records’ Promo Dozen MP3s

British independent record label 4AD has an online promo that allows you to download 12 full tracks from their catalog in return for signing up for their mailing list. The 12 MP3s feature such 4AD artists as Stereolab,Anni Rossi, The Breeders, and The Mountain Goats. Not a bad exchange if you ask me. It’s a tasty sampling of the record label’s diverse offerings. Go get it while you can!

The tracks are varied in mood and genre, running from TV On The Radios’ funky Prince-soundalike “Golden Age,” to Johann Johannsson’s dainty neoclassical woodwind instrumental “Melodia (i),” to It Hugs Back’s jangling guitarpop vocals on “Workday,” to Bon Iver’s acoustic and bluesy “Skinny Love.” My favorite track here is Stereolab’s “Neon Beanbag” simply because of the happy eclectic keyboards and 1960s atmosphere. You can’t go wrong with this collection.

Note that the 4AD songs are copyright their respective artists. No open source or creative commons materials here. Meaning you aren’t free to share the MP3s. You’re free to share the link though.

LINK TO 4AD PROMO WEBPAGE. Or simply follow the link in this flash widget embedded below. Cheers!


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