Moroza_knozova’s lush ambient “Valek Polkis”

From the netlabel Kahvi Collective comes “Valek Polkis” by artist moroza_knozova (Russia). This is a beautiful 7-song EP that combines melodic phrases and lush, sweeping synth pads with glitchy, IDM rhythms. It is a collection that is simultaneously graceful / subtle and vaguely menacing.

Track Talk
Track 2 “radiastrmix (takladno)” for example, soars on a synth pad for the first half before going into a menacing bass section with beeping and clanging everywhere. A vocal sample taken from a movie called RadioAstronomy adds mystery to it all.

Track 3 “dance” combines jumping keyboard phrases with epileptic beats. Track 5 “rtyjd2” is a groovy urban romp through echoing landscapes with scientifically calculated rhythm imperfections. Track 7 “zvuki” is another midtempo ambient piece that meanders rather than runs to its conclusion, allowing us to take in the musical patterns.

All in all, a riveting EP. Get it because it improves with repeated listens and because ambient IDM is brain candy.

The Artist
Moroza_knozova (real name: Georgiy Stefanov) is a Moscow native who plays and records classical piano as well as his own electronic music. He also serves as organizer for Russian electronic music events.

EP release page on Kahvi Collective.
ENCODED AT: 44.1 kHz, 320 kbps



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